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Concours Restoration

Unravelling the Mystery Behind the Term “Concours Restoration”

In your virtual journey around the web learning about car restoration options and approaches – especially if you are planning to buy one from a collector, dealer or at auction — you have likely come across (or soon will) the term “concours restoration.” And you are likely confused as to just what the heck it […]

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buying classic car for restoration

5 Rules to Remember Before Buying a Classic Car for Restoration

Let’s start with this: at Precision Restorations, we LOVE restoring classic cars. It’s difficult to put into words what it feels like to meticulously and painstakingly restore a classic car to its original glory – or in the case of a restomod, make improvements that unleash a whole new level of performance, passion and excitement. […]

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Storing your classic car in a garage

Helpful Tips for Storing Your Classic Car

When storing your classic car for an extended period of time, some simple steps can help keep your car in good shape for it’s next adventure on the road. Before storage Select a dry, dark storage place. This one might seem obvious, but selecting an appropriate storage space for your classic car impacts how well […]

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Endangered Cars - Austin Maxi

Top 5 Endangered British Classic Cars

The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union just over a month ago. There’s been speculation that Brexit will affect the European automotive market, including the collector car market. Some analysts think an import and export tariff will be applied, others think it’s the perfect time to buy a European car with the lower […]

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