Upcoming Classics Series: The Fox Body Mustang

The Fox Body Mustang was in production from 1979 through 1993. Representing the third generation of Ford’s Mustang series, the “Fox Body Mustang” was so named because it was built using Ford’s “Fox” platform, a lightweight, rear-wheel-drive unibody chassis designed for compact and mid-size vehicles. Let’s take a closer look at the Fox Body Mustang:                                                                   

Characteristics of the Fox Body Platform

The Fox Body platform was created for use in 1978 compact sedans. It was lightweight and simple, meant to address issues stemming from 1973’s oil embargo, as well as new, stricter standards mandated via the U.S.’s Clean Air Act. By lightening the weight of the chassis using a unitized body design, Ford aimed to boost fuel economy and decrease emissions. The use of strut front suspension further maximized the Fox Body design since it resulted in a wider engine bay that subsequently allowed a large variety of powertrains to be installed for many — vastly different — models of cars. Indeed, the Fox Body was not limited to the Mustang. Altogether, 15 Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln vehicles would end up being built on the Fox chassis over its 14-year run, but none lasted as long on it as the Mustang.

fox body mustang

The Appeal Of A Fox Body Mustang

The Fox Body Mustang is a classic car worth collecting. After the general malaise of the 1970s that culminated in dwindling sales for the Mustang II, the Mustang brand was essentially returned to glory with its third generation (1979-1993) adoption of the Fox chassis. Redesigned aesthetics, a roomier interior, in addition to multiple engine choices and body styles allowed the Fox Body Mustang to close out an era. It also prepared consumers for a resurgence of the American muscle car; at the time of its introduction, the Fox Body Mustang was the fastest car in U.S. production. Here’s why we think we’ll be seeing this upcoming classic in the shop soon: 

  • It’s a Great Time to Find a Deal — Over 2.6 million Fox Body Mustangs were sold during its lifetime. That’s a lot of inventory out on the road. And because Fox Body Mustangs were under-appreciated for so long and, thus, often neglected, many are found in bad shape, making it lots easier for would-be collectors to score a good deal.
  • Parts are Widely Available — Most car manufacturers continue to provide access to OEM parts for up to 10 years after the end of a vehicle’s production. In the case of the Fox Body, which provided the foundation for so many different makes and models of cars, the demand for parts was markedly increased, and Ford, as well as many aftermarket suppliers, saw it was in their best interest to keep supplying parts for the cars that so many people had already bought. Today, consumers have no trouble finding affordable Fox Body parts, enabling them to fix even the most derelict Fox Body Mustangs.
  • Making Modifications is Easy — The versatility of the Fox platform enabled it to be used for a variety of vehicles. From coupes and sedans to convertibles, wagons, and even boats, the Fox Body accommodated many different engineering elements, such as the size and placement of the engine; the wheelbase and axel design; the type of suspension, the steering system, and more. This makes it incredibly easy to swap out parts and make modifications and upgrades to a Fox Body Mustang.

The Fox Body Mustang is an upcoming classic car for collectors wanting a fun, affordable project car

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