The 5 Best Classic Cars to Restore

best classic cars to restoreIf you’ve worked closely with automobiles for a long time, then you probably have a “dream car” in mind. One special vehicle that stands above the rest, and which, for one reason or another, will always hold a special place in your heart. However, for others just entering the realm of classic cars, they may not be sure where they should to get started. After all, if you’re not familiar with all the different makes and models through the years, you may not know what type of classic car you should attempt to restore. That’s why we’re going to put forth a few recommendations today. And any of these five cars would make for a fantastic project. Here are our picks for the best classic cars to restore:

Ford Mustang

It’s hard not to consider the Ford Mustang as the ideal restoration project for beginners. For one, the car oozes class. It’s stylish and iconic, and just about any Mustang from the 1960s will provide a budding car enthusiast with a wonderful canvas to explore. Additionally (and here’s the kicker) parts for Mustangs from that era are easy to find. Multiple companies produce parts for the cars, and since the Mustang was one of the most well-regarded cars of the 1960s, it’s no surprise that its popularity has held up over the years.

Plymouth Barracuda

Oh boy does this car just look cool. Known for its distinctive lengthy-hood that houses a massive engine, the Barracuda is a prime example of a powerful car from the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. Plus, parts are typically easier to find for this make and model than some of its contemporaries.

Dodge Charger

The Charger was already a legendary car even before the “Dukes of Hazzard” further elevated its status in the form of the General Lee. Like the Mustang, Chargers were everywhere in the late ‘60’s and early ‘70s, and interest hasn’t really waned. Purchasing a Charger is typically a wise investment for the inexperienced car enthusiast because it’s unlikely to lose resale value and finding parts won’t present much of a problem.

Ford Model A

Want to go really old school? Like, really old? Then consider investing in a Ford Model A. This beauty from the late 1920s offers several attractive features for those wanting to cut their teeth in the restoration game. Like the other cars on this list, parts are readily accessible. In addition, the Model A’s basic-by-modern-standards design is conducive to learning (or teaching) engine basics. Note however, that cars from this era weren’t designed with the same sort of luxury –– or space –– some modern consumers require.

Volkswagen Bus

Yes, this is a weird pick. The VW Bus wasn’t sleek, stylish, fast, or powerful. However, it was, and remains to this day, a vehicle emblematic of its time. So much of classic car restoration is about recapturing a bit of nostalgia, and the VW Bus is just dripping with 1970s ethos. Also, we find it hard to look at this misshapen clunker and not smile. If you’re searching for a blast from the past, this could very well be your ideal car.

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