3 Critical Things that Matter in Classic Car Restoration (Hint: It’s Not What You Expect!)

classic car restorationHow many times have we all wished for a time machine, so we could “know then what we know now?”

No, we’re not talking about going back a few years to lay down some money on the Cubs winning the World Series! We’re talking about wise lessons that, without question, it would have been far gentler to learn from a book, lecture, friend or article (like this one) vs. what life had in store. Indeed, while experience is often the most effective teacher, it’s also usually the most painful.

Now, what does this have to do with classic car restoration? It’s this: if you’re thinking of embarking on this journey, or if you’ve already decided that it’s something you want to do (and have either magnificently convinced your spouse of your intentions, or are saving it for later when you can accompany the “update” with a nice gift or two…or five), then the team here at Precision Restoration wants you to have the time of your life.

And to help make that happen, as a public service to you (and maybe even more to your spouse!), here are the 3 most critical things that matter in classic car restoration. By learning them now, you’ll potentially save yourself from plenty of pain and suffering in the future, and many rueful “if I only knew then what I know now…” moments:

1. It’s All About FUN

Yes, classic car restoration is meticulous, detailed work. This isn’t birdwatching or even TV binge-watching. But at the heart of it all is a three-letter word that matters the most: FUN!

Even when you’re working hard and putting in long hours, you need to remember that this is something you WANT to do vs. HAVE to do. Frankly, you spend enough of life having to fit into other people’s boxes — such as your boss, and how can we forget Uncle Sam and all of his relatives at the state and local levels.

Classic car restoration is about enriching and improving your quality of life. Keep this in mind, and you can count on reaping incredible, life-changing rewards — including some that you can’t imagine!

2. Know What You Don’t Know

Socrates is reported to have said, “the only thing I know is that I know nothing.” Well, you don’t have to don a toga and become a stoic, because there are certainly some things you know — or that you’ll soon learn — about classic car restoration, such as how to keep your vehicle maintained and beautiful throughout the year.

However, because you’re not an expert in the field — i.e. you don’t restore classic cars for a living — then what you don’t know is going to exceed what you do know. If you know where the line is between ignorance and knowledge, you’ll always make the right decision. But if you lose sight of the line and assume knowledge that you don’t have, then it’s only a matter of time before something goes wrong — and your stress levels and costs will rise.

3. You’ll Get by With Help from Your Friends

Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone who loves classic car restoration as much as you. If you join a club, visit shows and expos (they run throughout the year all around the country), or stop by at Precision and hang out with the gang here, you can count on getting informed advice, and building friendships that last a lifetime.

And while we’re at it: don’t assume that everyone who loves restoring cars fits a specific profile. There are men and women of all ages, backgrounds, walks of life…it’s a dynamic and diverse community, and more than that, an extended family.

Yes, you’re right: this last bit of advice isn’t a dire warning, but a happy promise because we wanted to end things on an upbeat note: prepare to meet some of the nicest, most generous people IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!

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