Clips and Clamps and Brackets, Oh my!! – Factory Restoration

What separates your high quality restoration from your run of the mill rebuild is the detail.  The details are what can give you those few extra points at the show or just impress the other guys in the club with that detailed restoration.  These clips, clamps, and brackets are what will make all the difference when it comes to bringing your classic or muscle car back to show room condition.

                One of the difference makers can be the type of fuel line, brake line, or wire loom clips.   These clips come in many different forms and can have variations of the same clip on the same car.  Many of them can be color coded as to placement on your vehicle, from different shades of blue to a flat or glossy red the factory correct colors will take some research.  Luckily many aftermarket companies have done this for us already.  Stores like Eckler’s or Classic industries offer these fuel and brake line clips in kits that come color coded to factory specs.   If this is not the case, and you want to put that added touch to your classic, it’s recommended to get in contact with your local or national car club.  The clubs will help you find those resources that you need to make those details pop.

This brake and fuel line clip set can be purchased from Classic industries for a Camaro

                Another Item to consider can be one of the simplest things, hose clamps.  Throughout the years there have been many different types of clamps used.  They come in many different styles from your standard worm screw hose clamp to a non pinching fuel injection clamp.  Having the correct clamp in the correct location will not only ensure you are taking care of these details, but also using the most effective clamp for your application.  When just your ordinary worm screw clamp just won’t do, the aftermarket companies may have the solution.  For some common vehicles they have kits available, and other vehicles the hose clamps can be purchased individually.  A factory correct restoration is never 100% complete without considering these little details.

Wire ring style hose clampTower style radiator or heater hose clampHigh pressure power steering hose clamp

                The correct brackets are one of the other detail items to consider.  These can be anything from your accessory brackets on the front of the engine to the small bracket that holds your heater hoses in place.  These brackets can be large or small, but the small ones can give you those last few finishing touches you are looking form.  In many cases some of the smaller retainers and bracket can get broke or just go missing after years of repairs to be merely replaced by zip ties.  Once again these aftermarket companies have done the research to know what you need and what you’re missing.  One of the best ways to learn this information is to look at some unfinished and un-restored projects.  Even though these cars may not be that show quality award winner, they do often have these little pieces still intact. 

Corvette hose retainer bracket

                When it comes to trying to recreate what the factory did 30, 40, or 50 years ago the aftermarket companies have done a lot of the leg work for us.  Discovering and reproducing these detailed parts that make all the difference.  Nothing compares to nose to the grindstone research.  Within just a few hours of internet research and a few phone calls you may be on track to finding the guidance you need to put your classic car, muscle car, or antique vehicle back to look it had rolling off the lot.