St. Louis Museum of Transportation 1946 Street Car

St. Louis Museum of Transportation 1946

Street Car



Here at Precision Restorations we have a passion and a love for all things that go, from motorcycles, to cars, to trucks, to planes and trains.  This is why we were grateful to help the St. Louis Museum of Transportation with some of the restoration work on their 1946 PCC (Presidents Conference Committee) Street Car.  Steve Seigerist, who is one of the volunteers helping to restore this piece of St. Louis history, contacted us about restoring the seats in the street car.

This street car was built in St. Louis right off of Hall Street by the St. Louis Car Co.   This was a PCC designed car that ran all over the St. Louis area into the late 1950’s.  It was then moved to San Francisco where it was in service until 1982.   The St. Louis Museum of Transportation acquired the street car in the early 1990’s and the restoration work began in 2007.  Almost all of the restoration is being completed by the volunteers from the St. Louis Chapter National Railway Historical Society.  They can be found working at the museum on Thursdays and Saturdays, just ask a museum volunteer, and they will point you in the right direction.

The work is still in progress for this street car and should be ready for the rail in the spring-summer of 2014.  Check out the pictures below to see some of the progress we’re making and be sure to visit and support the museum as they are a vital part of the automobile and transportation history.

1946 Street Car1946 St. Louis Street car restoration

Pile of seats we are recoveringStack of covers ready to be installed

Thats a lot of seats to coverCharlies hard at it. Stripping, sewing, and stapeling

Just one of many ready to be installed