New project vehicles

We have added new project vehicles to our web site. The vehicles have been carefully accessed and are good solid project cars.


  • 1967 Mustang Fastback
  • 1969 Mustang Fastback
  • 1970 Barracuda
  • 1970 Roadrunner
  • 1974 Challenger

Mustang Project VehicleMustang After Restoration

We are working with professional classic automobile appraisers and certified show judges to identify classic project cars which meet the strict standards established by our restoration technicians. These standards are based on our experience restoring vehicles and understanding how to identify the hidden damage and previous restoration conditions that may lead to problems and cost over runs when properly restoring a vehicle. We have develop a 50 point quality check list we use when interviewing the seller which covers many areas of the vehicle.

The areas which we focus on when identifying a vehicle are:

  • History of ownership
  • Title
  • Maintenance history and records
  • Number verification
  • Authenticity of the vehicle
  • Previous restoration work
  • Collision damage or repair
  • Frame condition and repair
  • Sheet metal replacement
  • Sheet metal appearance and gaps 
  • Major mechanical repairs and replacement
  • Engine and transmission rebuilds
  • Trim condition and availability

Based on the seller interview and the technician review of the project vehicle we are able to develop a budget range for the restoration of the vehicle. The budget calculator is designed to provide our clients with a general cost range, the final estimate is developed in our shop with the vehicle in hand for a thorough assessment and inspection.