Friday July 11 is Collector Car Appreciation Day

capital Mr_and_Mrs_Henry_Ford_in_his_first_car 1st benz


So, you thought Congress could not agree on anything. I get it, no matter what side of the isle you are on it seems Congress has difficulty performing, not this time though. The Senate recently passed S.Res.493 – A resolution designating July 11, 2014, as “Collector Car Appreciation Day” and recognizing that the collection and restoration of historic and classic cars is an important part of preserving the technological achievements and cultural heritage of the United States. Now, how they plan to reward you faithful enthusiasts for maintaining and preserving our automotive history is still unknown. I can guess that reduced taxes will not be part of a package to reward you for you efforts. What we can do is take advantage of this and move forward knowing we have preserved history. We all know what we do and why we like cars, some are more involved in preservation while many of us just want a more unique, personalized ride.
As we drive through the streets of nearly every city I find disappointment when I see buildings that were so rich in architecture being leveled for the next store, office building or parking lot. While some of these decisions for new buildings are based on brand imaging often times the owner or the contractor just deem the buildings too expensive to refurbish or renovate. Each time another building comes down it is another reminder of our loss of history. It is the same with cars and trucks as well as things such as farm implements.
You, the collector, the enthusiast, the gear head, or whatever distinction you prefer, provide a window into the past, not only of the automobile you drive but also of the culture of the time. The design, the dimensions, interiors and the accessories all speak about the era in which the vehicle was made. While the general public takes things like disc brakes and power steering for granted, many of the cars we, the car buffs, drive and enjoy were lacking that technology. What you have done is show that with small modifications a classic car can be modified to provide as good, if not better, handling and braking than modern vehicles, and look better doing it.
When we drive our classic cars we enjoy the attention received but what the casual observer does not recognize is that our classic cars are as well appointed as any new car you can buy. We install the heated seats, the sound systems, power window and lock mechanisms. We have every modern convenience at our finger tip, and we chose what we wanted, without having to choose thousands of dollars of things we didn’t want. As individuals, the car enthusiast extends his personality through his vehicle and takes pride in his or her automobile of choice, what works for one doesn’t have to be the mold for another. That Camaro or Mustang may be cool with a big engine swelling the engine bay but, as a lover of cars, we will still find inside of us a great deal of respect to that factory spec. restored Vega, it is about preservation after all.
As an enthusiast you are responsible for saving numerous vehicles from a scrap yard death, through your efforts, hard work and sweat we are able to enjoy vehicles that would otherwise not exist in society today and Precision Restorations wants to thank you for your efforts, keep up the good work.