67 Cadillac Deville frame off Cadillac restoration

We’re starting working on this big old Cadillac Deville.  The Caddy will get the works from a full paint job, to full mechanical restoration and interior restoration.  The owner is looking for a vehicle that is going to last a long time in order to hand it down to his children and what better way that to restore this thing from top to bottom. 

1967 Cadillac Deville being delivered

This 67 Cadillac has had the engine and transmission pulled to send it to the machine shop.  The old Caddy’s engine compartment is full of wires and vacuum hose along with a ton of miscellaneous brackets and clips.  Before we started we took loads of pictures to give ourselves a nice visual reference for re assembly.

1967 Deville engine compartment1967 Deville A/C box1967 Cadillac Deville engine compartment

1967 Cadillac Deville engine compartment

The interior has for the most part been gutted.   Pulling the carpet and insulation revealed some rust on the floor pans that was not visible from the underside.  This is something that will eventually be addressed after we have stripped the rest of the body.

1967 Cadillac interior

As of now the body is on its way down to nothing.  We’re removing all of the trim and the body panels will eventually go.   We will eventually pull the body from the frame to thoroughly clean blast and undercoat the bottom side.  At this time we will also be painting the frame before it goes back together. 

1967 Deville Dismanteled1967 Cadillac Restoration1967 Cadillac Door

This is major project with many different aspects and will be an awesome car to drive as it floats down the freeway.  The Cadilliac restoration will be one to note a prime example of “they don’t make ‘em like the used to”.