1987 Buick Grand National is getting a paint job face lift

This T-top ’87 Buick Grand National came in for a face lift.  The vehicle had been the unfortunate victim of a key job.  Luckily the car was in such nice shape to begin with, a paint job is all that was in order for this classic 80’s muscle car.

87 Grand National quater panel87 grand national with key scratches

This paint job was about as simple as they come when it comes to paint.  The first step involved fixing the key scratches. Most of the small key scratches came out with just a heavy sanding.  The remaining scratches were repaired with just a skim coat of filler.  The Grand Nationals paint was in such nice shape it wasn’t even necessary to strip. 

We almost completely dismantled the body to avoid any paint lifting or peeling issues down the road.  We also repaired just a few dents and dings this thing received throughout its life. After a few good coats of primer it was ready to sand and paint.

1987 Grand National paint job

Back to black was the plan.  Having all the little bumper pieces, mirrors, and fillers painted give the face lift it deserved. After the clear coat, and a run through the bake cycle, sanding and buffing was next on the list.  No paint job is complete without being slicked down with a good sanding and buffing.

1987 Buick Grand National paint job1987 Buick

We’ll put the Grand National back together except for the emblems.  After a final buff and polish we’ll stick these emblems back on and send it down the road.

1987 Grand National Paint Job1987 Grand National getting buffed

1987 Grand national


1987 Grand National