1970 Dodge R/T Muscle Car Restoration



We are just getting rolling with a full restoration of a 1970 Dodge Coronet R/T.  This Dodge has been certified in the Chrysler registry. The Coronet R/T is a true muscle car and a rare one at that.  This is the real deal, displaying true American Muscle.




1970 Dodge Cornet R/T fresh off the transport 


Here are a few of the number on this beast direct from the Chrysler Registry.  There were one hundred and ninety four – 1970 440 six pack Dodge Coronet R/T 2 Door Hardtops built to spec for the USA, with only 97 four speeds.






We have a trunk full of parts to go though


The numbers also show this is #11 of 13 built right here in St. Louis, MO!




Standards on the 440 six pac include the “Super Track Pak“. This included front power disc brakes, 4.10 ratio, 9.75 Dana 60 Axle with the “Sure Grip Differential“.  The “Super Track Pak” also included the “Maximum cooling Package”




All this six pac needs are some carbs 


No custom paint job will be sprayed on this one. We will be laying down the original “Go Mango” orange, with black bucket seats and carpet.  This car also came equipped with RalleyGauges, Tach, and Pistol Grip shifter.


The 440 R/T was built to race and we will be restoring it with this in mind.  A few upgrades will be an MSD ignition system and heavy duty Z bar for hammering those hard shifts and an electric fuel pump will be added to keep the fuel flowing to those three deuces.


Other upgrades will include power locks and upgraded sound system.


This will be a great, fun, and interesting build.  Be sure to follow the blog and all of our social media sites for regular updates.


The Radio Flyer wagon will also be a part of this build

The R/T is tore down and ready to strip.  Weather it is a custom car paint job, or just a driver quality restoration, it is always best to remove the old paint and the only way to do this is to remove all of the trim and panels.

1970 Dodge Coronet R/T

Like many old cars, this Mopar suffers from some of the same problem areas as many muscle cars of this era.  Many of these cars hold water underneath the rear glass which also builds up with dirt and grime, just compounding the problem.  This is a common area weather it is a Mustang, Camaro, or Coronet, many unrestored vehicles have the same issues.  

1970 Coronet R/T showing a common rust area around the rear window

Cutting out the rusted area, and sandblasting the surface rust will ensure this paint job will last longer that it did from the factory.  Once this muscle car has been striped and blasted we, will  apply an acid etch primer and sealer.  This is a crucial step in laying the ground work for a superior paint job. 


1970 Coronet anxious to be worked out

After the Mopar is sealed we will begin to body work, test fit and align the panels.  Mocking up the sheet metal will allow us to achieve the best fit possible, by eliminating the chance for mis matched or hidden body issues. 

This Mopar is progressing nicely and keep watching the blog for more updates.