1970 Bronco – Driver Restoration – Delivery Day

We sent another restoration home on Friday.  This 1970 Bronco came in for some mechanical and body repairs along with some touch ups on the interior.

The mechanical repairs included the repairing of some oil leaks and transmission leaks.  We also completely overhauled the brakes and suspension.  New springs, shocks, control arm bushings, tie rods and a new steering box help this old 4×4 drive like new.


1970 Ford Bronco 4 x 41970 Ford Bronco 4x4



The exterior was fitted with a new Dynacorn hood, door, quarter and quarter extension, and a rocker panel.  To go along with the new sheet metal the Bronco was stripped to bare metal; it even had the floors completely sandblasted clean and with some etching, sealing, body work and priming.  The classic 4×4 was ready for some paint.

1970 Ford Bronco1970 Ford Bronco

An extra features added to the rear on the Ford was the spare tire carrier.  We pieced this kit together with a combination of new aftermarket and original Ford parts.

The interior was kept pretty plain.  We added a back seat, center console, some new shifter boots, and new seat covers all the way around keeping the insides appropriately simple.  The spray-in bed liner on the floors will help the mud wash right off.

1970 Ford Bronco1970 Bronco


Every time we send a vehicle home it’s a good day and seeing this Bronco off to be enjoyed makes everyone here happy and ready for the next.

1970 Ford Broco Ready for Delivery