1959 Continental Restoration

Zach is restoring the body of this classic 1959 Continental. Although the Continental was relatively solid, it did require significant body restoration. The rocker panels needed to be reproduced by fabrication as a result of not being able to locate new reproductions. While many would think it is referred to as Lincoln Continental, Lincoln dropped the Lincoln and this model was only considered a Continental. This model was unique in the fact that it had a reverse-slanted retractable rear window called breezeway.

2016_3_77_1987 Monte Carlo Aero Coupe

Zach has finished all the necessary fabrication and metal work on this ’59 Continental. Today we rolled it back to the paint booth where Chip will clean and degrease it. He’ll then apply the etch which will probably take two quarts for this monster! He’ll then apply about a gallon of DP epoxy base and then seam seal everything.

Monday Chip will paint it base coat black. He’ll then mask the fenders, quarters and roof, basically anything that he doesn’t want to get clear on followed by applying a clear coat on the floor, engine bay firewall and trunk.

Tuesday he intends to apply gloss black to the floor, engine bay, firewall and trunk.