1957 GMC Pickup

New job!

Car Restoration

Ralph has removed both rear fender from the GMC and has started on the body repairs to the drivers fender.

Ralph is repairing the other rear fender for the GMC pickup.

Ralph has started on the repairs to the cab for the ’57 pickup.

Ralph continues to repair the damaged areas of the cab for the ’57 Pickup.

Ralph has started the repairs on the hood of the GMC Pickup.

Ralph is finishing media blasting the interior of the GMC bed today.  He has also cut out the old bed support rails so he can get new ones in.

Ralph has started to repair the doors for the 1957 GMC Pickup

Now that Ralph is done with the repairs to the drivers door for the GMC he is using a body filler to completely smooth out the area.

We are working on patching the rusted metal on the front fenders for the GMC today.

1957 GMC1957 GMC1957 GMC Pickup

The drivers door and fender are finished besides some sanding and we are working on installing the new cab corners.

1957 GMC Cab Corner1957 GMC Cab Corner1957 GMC Cab Corner1957 GMC Fender1957 GMC

The engine is getting installed in GMC today.

1957 GMC

Dan is deep into the stage of installing the wiring for the GMC and has the engine pulled and ready to be sent out for the rebuild.

Car RestorationCar Restoration

Ralph has started the repairs to the damaged area of the bed on the ’57.

We removed the bed from the frame for the ’57 to media blast, pull the old bed floor and repair the rust and dents for the bed.

Ralph continues to repair the bed for the 1957 GMC.  I the pictures below you can see Ralph adding in a new piece of metal on the side of the bed.

Ralph is hard at work welding up and repairing the bed for the GMC.

Ralph is working at smoothing out the sides of the bed for the GMC today.

Dan is priming the fenders for the GMC today along with some other panels.

Precision Restorations is done working on the exterior of the bed for the GMC and has now moved onto the inside of the bed.

The engine is painted for the 57 GMC

1957 GMC