1951 Ford

1951 Ford

What a great opportunity we had performing the restoration work on this ’51 Ford. The client has owned the car since forever and really enjoyed it. He brought it to us for it’s 57 year checkup! Our restoration work was involved, detailed, and very rewarding.

We began with engine service, compression check, and clutch adjustment. We adjusted the hood, replaced the ignition switch, and installed dual exhaust. We also completely restored the electrical system, replacing all wiring. We repaired the newer radiator that the vehicle already had in it.

We replaced the driveshaft u-joints, replaced the shocks, the idler arm, and a complete brake system restoration. The car had very nearly no brakes when it came in.

We also took care of some trim issues, took some small dents out, and replated front and rear bumpers.

This is a great car and we enjoyed meeting the owner and doing the work for him.