Tim R. – 1976 Corvette

Tim R.

1976 Corvette


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1.  Did we communicate with you clearly? Yes, the process was very user-friendly.

2.  Did the quality of our work meet your expectations? Overall, yes. The paint job is fantastic and the car still runs well. I found a couple of paint or finish flaws after taking delivery, most of which were fixed at no cost a few months later. I have since noticed a spot on the right rear quarter panel where the white paint has a mix of the “cloudy” color from the flame job when observed in the sun.

3.  Did we complete the work within the agreed budget? Yes.

Please provide a brief story regarding your restoration project and your experiences.

I’ve owned this car since 1980 when I joined the Army. It was almost a daily driver until I put it up on blocks in 1990 because I couldn’t afford to keep it up while traveling around the world. Then in 2005 I had the ability to have the body restored and repainted, and to get the engine and suspension running again. The experts at the shop were great to work with and turned my patriotic ideas into a beautiful reality in late 2005. I’ve restored the interior since then and drive it only for pleasure on sunny weekends. It has turned thousands of heads in Kansas! One of these days I’ll give the motor the full hot rod job treatment.

Tim R. • Fort Leavenworth, KS • 1976 Corvette