Greg H.- 1964 Mustang

Greg H.

1964 Mustang


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Client: Greg Hagglund

Location: Chesterfield, MO

Project: 1964 Mustang

1. Did we communicate with you clearly? Yes. Verbal updates along with weekly updates via e-mail, including pictures of the car’s “work-in-progress” were most helpful.

2. Did the quality of our work meet your expectations? Yes. The paint quality met and exceeded my expectations and the interior work most definitely exceeded my expectations.

3. Did we complete the work within the agreed budget? Yes. Fortunately there was no other “work” that was needed after the restoration began. The job was bid (and cost) as discussed before the job began.

Please provide a brief story regarding your restoration project and your experience.

Everyone that I dealt with was very professional about this job. From them coming out to pick-up the car to being delivered to my office (via trailer). I was nervous about turning my car over to someone for this much work. However my fears were alleviated by the expert staff at the shop! Thank you for all your hard work!!