Erik E. – 1969 Oldsmobile 442

Erik E.

1969 Oldsmobile 442


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1969 442

Client: Erik Enderling

Date: 7/17/2009

Location: St Louis Mo

Project: 1969 Oldsmobile 442

1. Did we communicate with you clearly?

Yes, communication was clear and consistent throughout the project.  Jon did a great job of keeping up to date on progress.

2. Did the quality of our work meet your expectations?

No, it exceeded my expectations!  The quality was the result of a strong, dedicated team that asked the right questions, provided suggestions/ direction when I had questions, and then achieved the best results.

3. Did we complete the work within the agreed budget?

Yes, this is due to the high degree of project scope description in the initial proposal.  Any supplemental work was clearly identified and well documented prior to my approval.

Please provide a brief story regarding your restoration project and your experience with Precision Restorations.

I have been in search of a professional body shop for many years that dealt specifically with older car restoration.  I heard about Precision Restorations through the grapevine and decided to review their website.  I was impressed with how well it described the business and objective of meeting their customer’s needs.  Shortly thereafter I stopped by to meet with the Shop Manager, meet the employees, discuss their process for restorations, and looked at other Customer’s projects in-process.  It did not take long for the decision to be made to have Precision Restorations begin the work on my 442!

I stayed very much involved throughout the whole process and had the opportunity of typically visiting once per week.  Jon clearly communicated and documented every step through the process.  The Precision Restorations Team that worked on my car performed flawlessly and took great pride in their work.  When I made my visits, mainly Larry and Dan, informed me on what they were doing and plans for the next step.  Any questions or scope changes were handled in the most professional and timely manner.

I cannot thank the entire staff of Precision Restorations enough for an incredible job.  Precision Restorations is a well managed, honest, hardworking team, that communicates very well, and absolutely exceeded my expectations in every regard.  Everyone that worked on my vehicle did it with passion and detail.  Precision Restorations will be my one stop shop for future car projects!