1932 Ford

1932 Ford

This ’32 Ford came to us for a major collision repair. The car was damaged heavily on both left and right front.

After disassembly, our first step was to replace the front frame section. This ’32 Ford hot rod has a custom Mustang II front suspension, so we were able to get all the parts without any problem. Our shop is equipped with a frame straightening rack, so repair was simple and straight forward.

Another important part of our repair and restoration work on this car is the new paint scheme. I hope the photos represent the work well. The client wanted awesome flames…no problem. He wanted custom colors…no problem. He wanted them pinstriped…no problem. And he wanted gold flake over them, before the clear, just enough to sparkle, not so much so that they looked like somebody had gotten dirt in the clear, but if it’s too little it will look like someone got just a little dirt in the paint. So this custom paint work on this hot rod was a good challenge.

If you check our video section you can see some of the steps needed to do this very cool paint work.

And as is usually the case, we did some upgrades to the car while it was disassembled. We built a new transmission exactly to the client’s spec.