1932 Ford

1932 Ford

Hey, you know that bumper sticker, “Same ‘stuff’, different day?” That’s how we feel around here. Year after year, totally awesome car after totally awesome car, same thing every day.

This hot rod restoration job was pretty extensive. (We’ll restore hot rods, we’ll build hot rods, we’ll paint hot rods, we’ll repair hot rods. If it’s a hot rod, we want to work on it!)

This ’32 Ford hot rod was built some years ago, and has lots of miles on it. The family who owned it really enjoyed it. The problem comes in that the car was not really a very sound design, so the miles really took their toll.

Our restoration work included repairing cracks in the frame. There were a few stress points that didn’t hold up over time. We also had to do extensive repair and reinforcing of the body. We think the original fiberglass body kit was meant more as a race car; it was pretty thin, and lacked the structural supports needed for years of street use. We had to beef up the hinge pillars and the dash. There was extensive cracking where the dash met the cowl, at the door joints, and at the decklid corners. Also, the seat was not properly supported, so we built a nice structure there as well.

One extremely cool thing we did was install power steering. Yes, we know, nobody builds a kit for power steering in a custom ’32 Ford hot rod…so we did it from scratch. Please call if you want guidance! It would be great to be able to share some of our knowledge with someone. The current owner is a retired elementary school teacher, and she wanted the car to be very easy to drive.

In the photo gallery here you can see some sketches we sent the client for her approval. Fortunately she has good taste and chose the good looking version!