1967 Chevelle

1967 Chevelle

This ’67 Chevelle came to us for separate systems restoration. We did not restore the whole car, it was in great shape when it came in, numbers matching, and had pretty good paint.

The big thing for this client was getting the car dressed up, finishing up some items, and addressing some details to make the car more enjoyable to own.

We started under the hood. The engine was in good running condition, but had many oil leaks and needed some appearance work. So we removed the engine, replaced oil seals and gaskets, and painted things carefully. We replaced the leaking power steering pump, installed top quality Jet-Hot coated headers, replaced the fuel pump, and upgraded to original valve covers.

While the engine was out, we took care of other details under the hood, and painted the engine bay. We replaced the front fender liners. You know, the right one that always rusts out because the battery dribbles acid on it and rusts it. We replaced both rubber splash skirts on the fender liners, and the hood hinges. We also replaced the leaking heater core and repaired damage to the heater box at this time.

Then there are some interior/trim details that we took care of. We replaced the vent glass on both sides. We normally have to replace the whole assembly when we restore these because the chrome gets ugly and the only parts are available include the glass with them. It’s best that way anyhow, it makes for a good looking restoration job.

We also replaced the right door window regulator and removed some dents in the right so carefully we didn’t have to repaint the panel! (We’re good at all kinds of stuff.)

And then there’s some driveline restoration items we took care of on this ’67 Big Block Chevelle. We actually had to lengthen the driveshaft! The driveshaft in the car was somehow repaired or rebuilt incorrectly during its lifetime and it was short enough that the yoke was not being securely held in place when the car went over bumps, allowing oil leaks. We also re-sealed the transmission, replaced the transmission cooler lines, steel brake lines, all four shocks, all four springs, the ball joints, and we aligned the car. Final item was a transmission downshift switch!

This customer was very wise in his use of our service. He had a good list, he had good ideas for some solutions, and he got a terrific value. Restoring Chevys from the ground up is rewarding, for sure. But taking a car that is in good condition and making it great has a reward all its own, too.