car restoration process

An Inside Look at the Car Restoration Process

There’s a certain magic to every car-restoration project. After all, seeing an old, worn-down car returned to its former glory is an incredible thing. Unfortunately for many classic-car lovers, the car restoration process itself can be as enigmatic as a well executed magic show. Except in this instance, what’s going on behind the scenes could […]

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kit car vs classic car restoration

Kit Car vs Classic Car Restoration: The Replica Dilemma

The real thing costs a lot these days. Want an authentic NFL jersey? It’ll cost you more than double what merely purchasing a “replica” version would. Or how about an original vintage vinyl record? A first-edition “mistake copy” of Bob Dylan’s second album, The Freewheelin’, once sold for $35,000. Unsurprisingly, classic cars are no different. Chevy […]

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