classic car

Tips to Safely Transport Your Classic Car

“Why can’t you just call a tow truck?” Alas, that is the inquiry that classic car owners like you across the country — actually, make that around the world — face from spouses, children, parents, other relatives…heck, even their neighbors. Yes, these people have good intentions, but the fact that they mean no harm does […]

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worst advice

The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Classic Car Restoration

If you’re a frequent visitor to our blog (welcome back!), then you know that we like focusing on solutions in here. After all, classic car restoration is exciting, fun and incredibly rewarding. Besides, we figure that you probably get enough bad news from TV, other websites, and maybe even your next-door-neighbor who won’t stop talking […]

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Joy and Success

7 Tips for Car Restoration Joy and Success

Let’s start with this: adding “joy” in the title of this article isn’t us being wordy — because your primary motivation for joining the (incredibly friendly and generous) car restoration community should be to have fun and feel great. In other words: don’t do this as an investment that will generate ROI in the future. […]

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